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Queens Condos – Need a Short Team Rental – These are great!


If you are going to be in New York for a Trade Show, vacation or for a short term project, Queens Condos can provide you with an excellent home away from home feel. If you are going to be sending employees to NY for a temporary project, than providing them with a furnished condo will make it more enticing for them to accept the short-term relocation. If you have to stay in a hotel, you can feel very isolated but a condo you will like being home, and it is cheaper for the company in the long run.


These Queens Condos are clean and comfortable. They are all located close to public transportation, so getting into the city is a snap. If you are being asked to organize an exhibition at one of the Trade Shows and you need to get a motivational speaker, by offering a condo to the speaker, you shouldn’t have a problem finding the one that you want.

Clean and Modern

If you stay in one of the Queens Condos you will be very pleased. My husband had to relocate to the city for 3 months on a short-term project, the condo was clean, modern and very comfortable. It was great for all of us.

Central Park

I would take the kids once a month to stay a few days in the condo, and we would explore NYC. Public transportation was right near the condo, we just had to jump on the train or the bus and we were in NYC. The kids loved it. We celebrated my daughters birthday with a trip to Central Park Zoo and Broadway for a show.


My husband will be attending another candy machine exhibition in the fall, so we are going to rent another condo and make it a combined vacation. The professional motivational speaker this year is a woman who made her fortune as an internet entrepreneur. I think I would like the kids to hear what she has to say. Who knows maybe one of them will also become an internet millionaire.


They say that nothing succeeds likes success! You don’t have to stay in a fancy condo for luxury, these condos come with anything you might want and need. So check out the brochures and pick one that appeals to you and you won’t be sorry.

So, just in case the kids don’t become internet billionaires, perhaps we’ll save up and have a family vacation in one of these condos, and enjoy all that New York has to offer.

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