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I Had My Locks Rekeyed

One of the things that I loved about the new home I bought was how many doors there are going outside. I had been living in an apartment for nearly six years before taking the plunge and buying my own home. At the apartment, there was only one way in and out, so having five doors leading outside was liberating for me. What was not liberating was having five different keys for the various doors. I knew that I was going to look for a company that could get my locks rekeyed in Brisbane.

I figured that there might be a reason why the previous owner wanted to have a different key for each lock, but it made no sense to me. It is not that I was worried about losing any of the keys because I am rather organized. I just did not want the hassle of having to carry five keys on my keyring instead of just one. I knew that it was just going to be easier to have one key work all of the different locks. I had no idea how to do this on my own, and I was not interested in learning how.

I just wanted to have it done by a professional, so I picked one of the locksmiths that is not that far from where I now live. When I explained what I wanted done and requested a quote for the work, I was pleasantly surprised at the price I was given. I scheduled the appointment for the same week, and the work was done efficiently and quickly. The locksmith was friendly as well, which is also a huge plus in my book! I was very happy with the work that was done, with the price that I was given, and the fact that I now have to carry just one key with me.

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