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Technology is one of those products and inventions of people that really has an impact in people’s lives. It has also made us improve our lives in a very big way. The term used on how technology has improved our lives and brought people together is that it has made the world a global village. The result of this is making people interact better. One form of technology that is attributed to all this is the internet technology which is growing really fast.

Over the period that the internet has been available, we have seen its impact. Initially, the internet and computer technology was only able to perform basic tasks like email communication and searching for things. This has however changed over the years because people are able to do more complex tasks with the use of the internet. It is very right to indicate that the internet has changed our lives in every way possible that one can think of.

One of the main beneficiaries of the internet is the communication department. There are different platforms within which people can communicate with one another. The internet has also enabled people to get the right kind of information regarding any subject that they seek and this can be found through search engines. Information even spreads faster from one place of the earth to another. Trade has also been improved because of the internet in very many ways because people are able to display their products and services online for others to see. People nowadays do not have to leave their houses or location to have some goods delievered.

People’s innovative ways have led them to further simplify life by creating mobile applications. There are different applications that have been developed ranging from media, games, trading, financial and online shops among others. Applications are downloaded by users from the play store. The individual that has made the application is the one that installs the application online.

Here is an example of the steps followed by application developers to put in the store. A developer is first supposed to sign up to the store. The developer then has to look at the conditions of the store. Payment comes after the contract agreement. Things like choosing categories and other details like names are what closes the process.

Whenever the application is in the store, it can be accessed by whoever goes to the store and searches it. An app developer can choose to either have money paid for every download of application or it can be free. Money is generated from every download or sharing.

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