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How To Prepare and cook Crab Legs Without a Hitch

Possibly, you might have at one time ordered crab legs and ended up disappointed. When this happens, at best, you will feel cheated and robbed of your valuable money.This happens when you have to pay for a meal that you can’t even enjoy. Do not subject yourself to this type of treatment anyone; simply eat from reputable restaurants like Alaskan snow crab. You can also opt to prepare the crab legs yourself at home. In such a case, you will need to know how to prepare crab legs.There are several stages that you need to go through as you prepare your crab legs. It is good to read this article to the end so that you are well versed in prepping crab legs from home.

The first thing that must be done is thawing.Frozen crab legs will need a thawing in a refrigerator for not less than 8 hours.In fact, this is the best practical way to handle frozen crab legs. Ten hour is the best thawing time that is required for frozen crab legs. It is not impossible to cook the crab legs frozen.Indeed, you can cook them frozen but they will not attain the tenderness that they get when thawed.

The second stage coming after thawing is seasoning.
Now that you have already prepared your crab legs, what you need to do now is to cook them.There are many methods that you can use to cook your crab legs. Worth noting is the fact that crab legs require very little time to be cooked.

The most common way of cooking crab legs is steaming. A steamer is required for you to cook your crab legs through steaming. In addition to a steamer, you will also use water, a large pot, and salt. Boil to cups of water in the steamer. After adequate salting on the water, add the crab legs to the steaming rack. In about 7 minutes, your crab legs will be ready.However, there is a precaution that needs to be adhered to when steaming your crab legs. This is a meal that can’t be overcooked and you must take note of that.Notably, it almost universal that as you buy the legs, they are already pre-cooked. Melted butter together with lemon wedges can be the accompaniments as you serve the crab legs.

There are other people who will prefer boiling crab legs. For this, you will need some water, sea salt, and a saucepan. Bring the water in the saucepan to boiling and then add the crab legs, maintaining the boiling for about seven minutes. Remove the crab legs and rinse them then serve them hot.

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