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Guidelines To Purchase The Best Shrimps

Gulf shrimps are the warm water animals and they always in three colors and this are white, pink and also brown. The gulf shrimps can be gotten on this two places and this is the southeastern of the U.S coast or the western coast of the U.S too. The pink shrimp are always the largest and they are up to 11 inches of their size. The white ones are gotten in the south of the Carolinas. With 8 inches that’s the size of the white shrimps and they are the second largest. The brown shrimps are the smallest in size and they measure up to seven inches and the females grow up to nine inches and they can be found at the Texas Louisiana coast.

When it comes to flavor the white shrimp has the sweetest flavor and it is also very firm, it is also crunchy and when it has been cooked it turns to pink in color.We also have the brown shrimp and when they are being taken then they have a firmer texture and its flavor is full, when it has been cooked then the meat is slightly more of a redder meat. Then we have the pink shrimp and when its being taken then it is firm and it has a mild flavor and it turns to a darker shade of pink and its meat is pink.

The rock shrimps and the royal red are also types of gulf shrimps and this two are not very common. Rock shrimps one can get them in deep waters and they are always already peeled and when one is cooking them then they cook more faster than any other kind of a gulf shrimp. The red royals also are caught in deep waters, they have a unique flavor and have a salt content, they are frozen on board the boats they are caught on Depending with the various occasions one might be having then there is always a shrimp for that.

There are different sizes of the shrimps and this matters a lot to the ones who are buying them, there are those who love the small ones while others love the big ones. When it comes to flavor there are those which are sweet flavored and others are mild and depending with different people the flavors are loved differently.It is always good to take the shrimps when they are fresh since they are firm but if one is not taking it fresh then one should make sure that it is frozen.

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